Payvement Hosted

Posted by admin | 11th July 2016 | Documentation

Payvement Hosted solution works by redirecting your Customer to the Gateway’s Hosted Payment Page, which will gather the Customer’s payment details and send them to the Gateway on your behalf. This allows you the quickest path to integrating with the Gateway.

You may already be familiar with this process when shopping online. In many cases, businesses have used PayPal’s Standard solution which redirects users when taking payments.

One of the key benefits of using Payvement’s Hosted solution is unlike Payvement Direct, your website does not need to have a SSL Certificate, and PCI compliance becomes more straightforward.

This guide provides the information required to integrate with the Payment Gateway and gives a very basic example of code for doing so. It is expected that you have some experience in server side scripting with languages such as PHP or ASP, or that an off-the-shelf software package is being used that has in-built or plug-in support for the Payment Gateway.

Download : Payvement Hosted Solution Guide

Posted by admin | 11 July 2016
'Payvement Direct' works by allowing you to keep the Customer on your system through the checkout process while processing the transactions via the Gateway in the background. This allows…